A History of Magic and Experimental Science, by Lynn Thorndike, 8 vols.

Publisher, Vol 1 & 2, The Macmillan Company, 1929 The first 13 centuries.
Vol 3 & 4, Columbia University Press, 1934, 14th & 15th centuries.
Vol 5 & 6, Columbia University Press, 1941, the 16th century
Vol 7 & 8, Columbia University Press, 1956, the 17th century

Hardback, no dust-jackets.

Condition, bound in green book cloth with gilt lettering to spine. All in good condition, free of notes and highlights. That these volumes were issued on separate occasions goes without saying, until, that is, when they were offered as a complete set at a later date.

The History of Magic and Experimental Science is still the premier reference work for the history of magic in the west. The first 2 volumes cover late antiquity up to the 13th century, and volumes 3-4 cover the 14-15th century. These are strong volumes, well researched and well indexed, and a major source for work on the period. The next 4 volumes cover the 16th, and 17th centuries. These volumes remain entirely unsurpassed. Thorndike has chapters on almost everything, from major figures (Agrippa, Cardano, Bruno, etc.) to broad themes (Astrology, pseudo-Aristotelian works, etc.). Just about everything worth mentioning is at least mentioned. Indeed, the index alone is worth the price of admission.


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