Divining by Christopher Bird

Publisher, Raven, 1979
Hardback, with dust-jacket, pp.340 + x, index

Condition: Quarter bound in ivory cloth on spine and blue boards. Interior clean and tight without any notes or highlights. Dust-jacket a little sun-faded on spine otherwise bright and intact. A nice Book!

“To dowse,” says the author of this definitive study of the divining art, “is to search with the aid of a handheld instrument such as a forked stick or a pendular bob on the end of a string – for anything: subterranean water flowing in a narrow underground fissure, a pool of oil or a vein of mineral ore, a buried sewer pipe or electrical cable, an airplane downed in a mountain wilderness, a disabled ship helplessly adrift in a gale, a lost wallet or dog, a missing person, perhaps a buried treasure.” Co-author of The Secret Life of Plants, Christopher Bird provides a complete history of the art of dowsing around the world and discusses in detail the various existing theories attempting to explain this extraordinary phenomenon.



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