Hermès en Haute-Égypte by Mahé, Jean-Pierre.

Publisher, Les Presses De L’Universite Laval, Quebec, (2 vols, 1978 – 1982).
Stiff printed wrappers. Condition Used – Very-Good. (Crease at lower corner of upper wrapper of Tome II)
Tome I. (1978) Les Textes Hermétiques de Nag-Hammadi et leurs parallèles Grecs et Latins. 20 + 172pp.
Tome II. (1982) Le Fragment du Discours Parfait et les Définitions Hermétiques Arméniennes. 50 + 566pp.
The texts in each volume are given with French translations on facing pages.

A work of impeccable scholarship, with texts and translations accompanied by bibliographies and extensive introductions.




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