Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston

Foreword by R. A. Gilbert

Publisher, Weiser Books, 2001
Hardback, with Dust-jacket, pp.

Condition: Fine, As new

The idiosyncratic ideas expressed in the four parts of Mazzaroth, and its appendix Mizraim, are all based on solid research-misapplied, perhaps, in light of Rolleston’s steadfast Christian outlook, but fully documented and with sources quoted length. The whole work provides the reader with an amazing compendium of obscure material on ancient mythology, symbolism, and etymology, with comprehensive biblical references and a wealth of learned and detailed footnotes. Much of the information is set out in a tabular form that inevitably reminds the reader of S. L. MacGregor Mathers’s book of correspondences that we know as 777.


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Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston

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