Teutonic Mythology by Jacob Grimm, 4 vols.

Publisher: Dover Publications, 2004
Hardcover, no dust-jacket, 4 vols.

Condition: As new

In this informative masterwork, the great scholar Jacob Grimm (1785-1863) compiled and organized a vast amount of information on ancient rites, beliefs, deities, heroes, literature, statuary, temples, and much more, including the survival of the old gods and customs in modern place names, superstitions, games, idiomatic expressions, characters, and events in folk tales. The four-volume set includes:
VOLUME I: Introduction; God; Worship; Temples: Priests; Gods; Wuotan; Wôdan; Donar; Thunar; Zio; Frô (Freyr); Balder; Phol; Other Gods; Goddesses; Conditions of Gods; Heroes; Wise-women.
VOLUME II: Wights and Elves; Giants; Creation; Elements; Trees and Animals; Sky and Stars; Day and Night; Summer and Winter; Time and World; Souls; Death; Destiny and Well-being; Personifications.
VOLUME III: Poetry; Spectres; Devil; Magic; Superstitions; Sicknesses; Herbs and Stones; Spells and Charms.
VOLUME IV: Supplement (collected from Grimm’s posthumous notes) to the text and the the author’s Preface in Volume III; Appendix by the author; Anglo-Saxon Genealogies; Superstitions; Spells; Index.
The most exhaustive compendiums of Germanic and Norse mythology and a milestone in the study of comparative mythology and religion, Teutonic Mythology still remains the definitive basis for research into the field. It is indispensable for students and scholars of folklore, cultural history, and literature.



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Teutonic Mythology by Jacob Grimm, 4 vols.

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