The Grail – from Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol by Roger M Loomis

Publisher: Cardiff University of Wales Press, 1963
Hardback, minus dust-jacket. pp.287

Condition: Fine, a fine tight copy, pages are clean throughout.

In his classic exploration of the obscurities and contradictions in the major versions of this legend, Roger Sherman Loomis shows how the Grail, once a Celtic vessel of plenty, evolved into the Christian Grail with miraculous powers. Loomis bases his argument on historical examples involving the major motifs and characters in the legends, beginning with the Arthurian legend recounted in the 1180 French poem by Chrtien de Troyes. The principal texts fall into two classes: those that relate the adventures of the knights in King Arthur’s time and those that account for the Grail’s removal from the Holy Land to Britain. Written with verve and wit, Loomis’s book builds suspense as he proceeds from one puzzle to the next in revealing the meaning behind the Grail and its legends.

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