ASCETICISM (Christian)The term, ‘Asceticism’ is derived from the Greek word askesis meaning ‘exercise’ or ‘training’, and was originally a term used to describe the arduous

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The Sacred Mountain

A Newsletter based upon Chapter Five of my book The Secret Garden of the Soul – An Introduction to the Kabbalah First published by Imagier

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A blog on the subject of Theurgy, based upon a paper I wrote for a conference held at Dartington Hall during October 1999. Some of

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Enflame Thyself With Prayer

‘Enflame thyself with prayer’ I have thought about these words a great deal over the course of my adult life. Time and experience have taught

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Four Pillars of Meditation

For many, the holy grail of meditation is the achievement of spiritual enlightenment, concerning which a vast amount of literature and folklore has passed from

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A New Model of Monasticism

In the early years of the fourth century, a renowned ‘solitary’, St. Anthony (c. 251–356), introduced a model of spiritual communal life when he undertook

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Colour Symbolism

Although the world today recognises that the spectrum of light available to the human eye provides us with a vast range of colours, it hasn’t

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